Claim entitled compensation whenever employees are affected by severe flight delays or cancellations


With ClaimStar we help companies claim their entitled compensation whenever their employees are affected by severe flight delays or cancellations

The process is fully automated and requires little resources to implement and maintain – but can provide substantial measurable savings on your travel budget.

Today more than 15 million people are annually inconvenienced by severe delays and since 2014 the number of severe delays and cancellations has increased with 15%! Approximately 1 million work hours are annually lost from business travellers waiting for delayed flights! With ClaimStar we are able to claim up to €600 in compensation per delay/cancellation.

ClaimStar offers a unique claim solution, where the compensation is paid to the company, as opposed to paying it to the traveler, making this solution much more attractive to companies.

Characteristics of our ClaimStar solution are:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Locally rooted – we understand local interpretation of the law = increases success rate!
  • Option of payment in advance for key clients
  • Fully automated claims management process incl. full reporting
  • API system integration possible for secure transfer of data
  • Plug’N’Play solution
  • Airline relations management – only valid claims are pursued

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